Calculate the number of paving tiles.

drawing scale 1:

Specify dimensions in metres

Track length A
Conductor width B

The number of tiles per 1 m2 C
Depth of filling H

Cost of works

Work for 1 meter2

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Calculate the number of concrete paving, pavers

Select the required dimensions in metres

A - The length of the track.
B - The width of the track.
C - Number of paving on 1 square meter.
H - Depth of fill under slabs. Optional.

As a result, the program will calculate the area of a track or platform, the required number of tiles or pavers, established under the tile, cost of works on installation and area of one tile.

Paving scheme

In the drawing in the calculation is approximate scheme of laying pavers or rectangular paving tiles.
Dana scheme for Visual assessment of laying and cutting of tiles.
This will help determine how stacking tracks or sidewalk.

If you specify a depth of filling, the program considers its volume. To calculate the number of materials for sand or concrete base.

Shapes, sizes, and the number of tiles laying technology in one square meter check with manufacturers.

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