Calculation of blind area around the House.

drawing scale 1:


The perimeter of the home P
External corners U
Inside corners G
Width of blind area W

Geotextile T
Reinforcement mesh A
Listello B
Formwork C
Waterproofing H

Specify the thickness of the layer

Pavers D
Concrete E
Heat Insulation Material F
Gravel M
sand K

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Calculation of the amount of material for the blind area

P - The perimeter of the House.
W - Width of blind area.
U - The number of external corners of blind area.
G - The number of Interior angles of blind area.

T - Geotextile.
A - Reinforcement mesh.
B - Border stone.
C - Formwork.
H - Waterproofing.

D - Thickness of paving stones.
E - The thickness of the concrete.
F - The thickness of the insulation.
M - The thickness of the gravel pad.
K - The thickness of the sand cushion.

Features of the program.

Define square of blind area.
Calculation of the required number of materials for blind area.

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