Calculation of the stairs with a 90°

drawing scale 1:

Specify dimensions in millimetres

The height of the opening Y
The length of the opening X
Width of stairs E
Total number of Steps C
The lower level P
The thickness of the treads Z
Tread overhang F

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Calculation of the stairs with a 90°

Enter the required dimensions in millimeters

X - length of the opening, which will occupy the ladder
Y - height from the floor of the first floor to the floor level of the second floor
E - Width of stairs
F - Tread Overhang
Z - The thickness of the treads

C - Total number of Steps
P - Number of steps + playground

Calculation of the rotational ladder is somewhat more complicated calculation of straight stairs.
The comfort and ease of climbing the stairs is calculated by a formula based on the length of the pitch.
The length of the pitch man is 60 to 66 cm, on average - 63 cm
Comfortable stairs corresponds to the formula: 2 step height + depth level = 63±3 cm

The most convenient stair angle - from 30° to 40°.
Depth staircase steps must meet size 45 shoes - no less than 28-30 cm
Lack of depth can compensate for the projection step.
Step height should be 20-25 cm

Just get comfortable turning stairs, you can change the height of the platform.

The program will draw the blueprints turning stairs to the main angles and dimensions.
In the drawings shows the overall dimensions of the stairs, marking the top of the steps on the stringer, the angles of the steps and basic dimensions of steps themselves.

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