Calculation of plasterboard for walls, walls, ceilings

drawing scale 1:

Specify dimensions in millimetres

The height of the walls Y
The width of the walls X

Sheet height H
Sheet width Z

Material consumption

Rack-mount the Profiles list S

Layers of drywall V

The distance between the screws B
Primer N1
Putty N2
Finishing PuTTY N3
Paint N4

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Calculation of walls, ceilings or partitions of gypsum cardboard

Select the required dimensions in millimetres

dividing wall of plasterboard
Y - height of walls or partitions
X - Wall width
H - the height of the sheet of drywall
Z - the width of the sheet of drywall

wall of plasterboard
S - the number of profile rack on one sheet of drywall
V - the number of layers of drywall
V=1 - in one layer, for wall or ceiling
V=2 - in two layers for walls or for partitions
V=3-4 - for partitions

B - The distance between the screws
The program can calculate the required number of finishing materials-primer, filler, paint.
To do this, specify the rate of consumption per square metre N1, N2, N3, N4.

As a result, the program will calculate the
the area of the wall, the ceiling or the walls of plasterboard
the required number of sheets of drywall
the required number of frame profile
approximate number of screws, reinforcing and sealing tape
insulation or soundproofing and finishing materials.

The program does not take into account openings for doors and Windows, as well as material consumption varies slightly.

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