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Calculation of timber

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Many in the construction of houses or rooms face the need to calculate how much lumber will be required to work. Determine how much you need a Board or beam, simply. But the price for lumber is usually specified per cubic meter, and in this case it may be easier to use for the calculation of the special program. By using our site you, knowing the length, width and thickness of the boards, as well as their quantity in pieces, you can calculate how many cubic meters of lumber you will need and how much will it cost to one cubic metre or one Board.

The scope of the

Sawn timber are called so because they are obtained by sawing the tree trunk. Used lumber for construction, the manufacture of furniture, various packaging and other products. Today this kind of building materials is the most popular. The wood, which makes lumber, is an excellent heat insulation material, supports stable humidity and does not require special handling and care that makes it especially convenient.

Types of lumber

Hardwood lumber refers to the beam, edged Board, unedged, building ledges. Beam is a beam, handled on all sides. In the cut it is a square or rectangular section. The most widely used in the construction of timber houses, baths and designs of overlappings.
Cutting board is a versatile timber that is actively used in construction works outside the building and decoration of the interior space. Edged Board section is an elongated rectangle. Unedged Board is cut so that its edges are not cut off, so it remains visible layer of the bark of the tree from which this Board is cut out. Building rail or beam is a beam, a smaller cross-section than usual, and is widely used in construction.
Timbers differ in the type of wood, which are made. They are made from softwood trees such as pine, spruce and larch. And hardwood such as oak and beech, birch, Aspen.
There are lumber the same humidity. They are divided into raw with humidity over 22 per cent and dry with humidity below 22 percent. The first are used for construction work, and the second for the manufacture of furniture.
Are also several grades of lumber. Choice grade depends on the scope of application. So, for furniture grade materials are used. For joinery and mouldings for lumber grades 1 and 2 and 3 grade is used solely as a construction Board.

Storage tips

Lumber, if they are not used for a long time, you want to protect from moisture. This can lead to their deterioration. It is not recommended to store lumber stacked on each other. Between the layers strips or planks must be laid.

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