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Diameter of reinforcement, mm
The length of the rods, the meters
Number of terminals
Price per ton

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Diameter of reinforcement, mm
The length of the rods, the meters
The total weight of the valves, kg
Cost per ton

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Calculation of armature

Calculator accessories 1

Calculate the total weight of the fixture, the total amount, the weight of one meter and one rod of reinforcement.
On the known diameter and length.

Calculator accessories 2

Calculate the total length of reinforcement, its scope and the number of rods, bars, the weight of one meter and one rod.
On the known diameter and the total weight.

Calculation is based on the weight of one cubic metre steel 7850 kg.

Calculation of armature for house construction

When building a House, it is very important to correctly calculate the number of valves for the Foundation. To do this, you will help our program. Using the calculator valves can be, knowing the weight and length of a rod to know the total weight of the valves, or desired amount of rods and their overall length. These data will help to quickly and easily calculate the amount of reinforcement for the necessary work.

Calculation of fittings for various types of foundations

To calculate the armature needs to know and the type of Foundation House. There are two common variants. This raft and tape foundations.

Fittings for slab Foundation

Raft Foundation is used where the soil pučinistyj you want to install the heavy concrete or brick house with large mass concrete joists. In such a case, the Foundation requires reinforcement. It is produced in two zones, each of which consists of two layers of rods, arranged perpendicular to each other.
Consider the alternative calculation of reinforcement for slabs, the length of which is 5 metres. Reinforcing rods are placed at a distance of about 20 cm from each other. Therefore, one side would need 25 bars. On the edges of the plate studs are not available, it is 23.
Now, knowing the number of rods, you can calculate their length. Here it should be noted that the rods valves should not reach edges 20 cm, and, therefore, on the basis of the length of the plates, the length of each Rod will total 460 cm. The cross layer, provided that the stove has a square shape will be the same. We also have to calculate the number of fittings required to connect both zones.
Suppose that the distance between the zones of 23 cm. In this case, one a jumper between them will have a length of 25 cm, because another two inches to mount fixture. Such bridges in our case will be 23 in a row, as they are in each cell at the intersection of the zones. With these data, we can proceed to the calculation using the program.

Fittings for strip Foundation

Strip Foundation is used where in the not-too-stable ground assumes erect hard House. Is a foundation of concrete or reinforced concrete Ribbon that stretches around the perimeter of the building and under the main load-bearing walls. Reinforcement of the Foundation also produced in 2 zones, but thanks to the peculiarities of strip Foundation reinforcement on it consumes much less so, and the cost will be cheaper.
Pickup rules fixtures around the same as for slab Foundation. Only the rods must be already in the 30-40 cm from the corner. And each jumper should at 2-4 cm overhanging twig on which it rests. Calculation of vertical jumpers on the same principle as in the calculation of the required length of reinforcement for slab foundations.
Note that the first and the second cases valves must take stock of at least 2-5 per cent.

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