Calculation of the rafters.

drawing scale 1:

Specify dimensions in millimetres

The width of the rafters B
Height Y
Width X
Overhang C
Gash Z

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Calculation of dimensions and angles of the rafters

Enter the required dimensions in millimeters

X - house width
Y - the height of the roof
C - the size of the eaves
Z - the distance from the edge of the Board before the drank
B - The width of the rafters


Without the construction of roof trusses are not implemented.
At gable roof structure is required to calculate the size of the rafters, cut corners and pockets.
Program for calculating the rafters for this and it is intended.
The width of the house, the height from the beginning to the roof ridge and the width of the overhang is the length of rafter calculation, the distance to the groove.
The same program will draw a drawing with the dimensions of the rafters. Especially useful it will be for those who decided to make the rafters with his hands.

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