Calculation of illumination of premises

drawing scale 1:

Specify dimensions in metres

room length X
width of room Y
Ceiling height Z

Illumination N
Number of lamps L

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Calculation of illumination of premises

Enter the required dimensions in meters

Y - room length
X - width of room
Z - Ceiling height
L - Number of lamps
N - The level of illumination of premises on 1 square meter

Light standards N (lk)
Illumination of premises
Living rooms, living rooms, bedrooms 150
Kitchen, kitchen-dining, kitchen niche 150
Baby 200
Classrooms, libraries 300
Separation corridors, lounges 50
Pantries, utility 300
Walk-in closets 75
Sauna, locker rooms, swimming pool 100
Gym 150
Billiard room 300
Bathrooms, bathrooms, showers 50
Concierge room 150
Stairs 20
Floor vnekvartirnye corridors, lift lobbies, lounges 30
Koljasochnye, cycle 30
Heat exchangers, pumps, machinery space elevators 20
The main passages technical floors, basements, attics 20
Elevator shafts 5
Lighting of administrative buildings
Offices, working rooms, offices of representation 300
Design halls and rooms, designing, drawing Bureau 500
Typists ' rooms 400
Rooms for visitors, facilities maintenance staff 400
Reading rooms 400
Premises recording and registration of readers 300
Reading directories 200
Language labs 300
Libraries, archives, open-access funds 75
Binding-bound premises, not exceeding 30 kV. m 300
Premises for copying, not exceeding 30 m 300
Layout, joinery, maintenance workshops 300
Office space for displays and video terminals 400
Conference halls, meeting rooms 200
Foyer and Tambours 150
Laboratory of organic and inorganic chemistry 400
Analytical laboratories 500
Weight, thermostatic 300
Laboratory of scientific-technical 400
Fotokomnaty, distilljatornye, glass 200
Archives of samples, reagents, storage 100
Washing 300
Illumination educational institutions
Classrooms, laboratories, schools audience 500
The Auditorium, classrooms, laboratories 400
Cabinets of Informatics and computing 200
Classrooms, technical drawing and painting 500
Laborantskie in classrooms 400
Laboratory of organic and inorganic chemistry 400
Workshops for metal and wood 300
Instrumental, room Master Instructor 300
Offices serving jobs 400
Sports halls 200
Non-food pantries 50
Indoor pools 150
Ballrooms, cinemas 200
Estrada meeting halls, classrooms and teachers ' rooms 300
Recreation 150
Lighting facilities of hotels
Service bureaus, premises maintenance staff 200
Living rooms, rooms 150

Illumination standards for different types of premises are shown in the table.

Features of the program.

Calculation of the necessary illumination of the room.
Integrating factor of light depending on the height of the ceilings.
Luminous flux of one lamp.
Calculation of the approximate wattage incandescent, fluorescent or led bulbs.

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