Calculation of the material strip foundation

drawing scale 1:

Specify the type of foundation

Specify dimensions in millimetres

Width X
Length Y
Height H
Thickness A
The Size Of The C


The horizontal rows G
Vertical rods V
Connecting rods Z
Step S
Diameter of reinforcement D


The thickness of the boards for formwork T
Length of the board L
The width of the board E

Composition of concrete

Weight per bag K
1 cubic meter of concrete in bags F

Proportions of concrete by weight
Cement : sand : Gravel

: :

Enter the cost of building materials

Cement (per bag) M
sand (for 1 ton) P
Gravel (for 1 ton) B
Boards (for 1 cubic meter) W
Armature (for 1 ton) N

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Enter the required dimensions in millimeters

X - width of Foundation
Y - base length
A - the thickness of the basement
H - Foundation height
C - the distance to the axis of the jumper

A - the thickness of the basement
H - Foundation height
S - step between connections
G - The horizontal rows
V - Vertical rods
Z - Connecting rods

The required amount of cement for the manufacture of one cubic meter of concrete different in each case.

It depends on the brand of cement, desirable brand received concrete, the size and proportions of the fillers.
Indicated in the bags.

It is not necessary to repeat how important the design of the house to calculate the amount of building materials for the foundation of the house.
Because the cost of a monolithic foundation comes to the third value of the house.

This service will facilitate the planning and calculation of the basement at home. Help calculate the amount of concrete, reinforcement, shuttering boards for the device strip foundation.

What can you learn:

Footprint of the foundation (For example, to determine the amount of waterproofing to cover the finished basement)
Amount of concrete for the foundation and floor slabs or pouring a basement floor (here will be fun, when, due to elementary errors in multiplication is not enough concrete)
Reinforcement - the number of valves, automatic calculation of weight based on its length and diameter
The area of ​​the formwork and the amount of timber in cubic meters and in pieces
The area of ​​all surfaces (for the calculation of waterproofing the basement) and lateral surfaces and base
Added calculation of the cost of building materials of the foundation.

The same program will draw a blueprint of the foundation.
I hope the service will be useful to those who are building the foundation of their hands, and professionals-builders.

Composition of concrete

Proportion and amount of cement, sand and gravel for making concrete are given the default reference, as recommended by manufacturers of cement.
Just as the price of cement, sand, gravel.

However, the ready-mixed concrete is strongly dependent on the size of fractions of rubble or gravel, cement brand, its freshness and storage conditions. It is known that when long storage of cement loses its properties and quality of cement with high humidity deteriorate faster.

Please note that the cost of sand and gravel is specified in the program for 1 ton. Vendors also announced a price per cubic meter of sand, crushed stone or gravel.

Specific weight of sand depends on its origin. For example, River sand is heavier than a career.
1 cubic meter of sand weighs 1200-1700 kg on average - 1500 kg.

With gravel and rubble difficult. According to various sources, the weight of 1 cubic meter from 1200 to 2500 kg depending on size. Heavier - more than fine.

So count the cost per ton of sand and gravel you may need to refine or vendors.

However, the calculation still helps to know the estimated costs for building materials for filling the basement. Do not forget another wire for knitting fittings, nails or screws for the casing, the delivery of construction materials, the cost of excavation and construction work.

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