Calculation of roofing materials for the mansard roof

drawing scale 1:

Specify dimensions in millimetres

Height Y
Height Y2
Width X
Width C
Length B

Roof Materials

The width of the rafters S1
The thickness of the rafter S2
The distance between the rafters S3
The distance to the edge of the roof S4

The width of boards lathing O1
The thickness of the boards lathing O2
The distance between the boards lathing R

Height roofing sheet L1
Width of the roofing sheet L2
Overlay sheet (%) L3

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Calculation of the mansard roof

Enter the required dimensions in millimeters

X - house width
C - the size of the eaves
B - The length of the roof


The program is designed to calculate the mansard roof: the number of roofing and the underlay material, shingles, sheathing and rafters.
You can also calculate some useful dimensions of the roof.

The calculation shows the size or amount of material is half the roof and in brackets - the size or volume of the entire roof.

Attention! In the calculation of sheet materials (Onduline, slate or metal roof tiles) keep in mind that the program finds the square roof.
For example, the 2.8 series, multiply by 7.7 sheets in a row. In a real construction put 3 rows.
To more accurately calculate the number of sheets of roofing to reduce the height of the sheet in the calculation to obtain a number of series.
Do not forget to set the exact magnitude of overlap (for different materials, it can be different - follow the manufacturers recommendations).

Once again, what to buy construction materials should be with a margin of waste.

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