Calculation of the base plate material

drawing scale 1:

Specify dimensions in millimetres

Panel height B
Length Y
Width X


The thickness of the boards for formwork T
Length of the board L
The width of the board H


The length of the cell Z
Cell width W
Diameter D
Number of rows R

Composition of concrete

Bags of cement to 1 m3 concrete M
Weight per bag K

Proportions of Concrete
Cement : sand : Gravel by weight

: :

The cost of building materials

Cement (per bag)
sand (1 ton)
Gravel (1 ton)
Boards (for 1 cubic meter)
Armature (for 1 ton)

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Calculation of the base plate

Select the required dimensions in millimetres

Y - the length of the base slab
X - the width of the slab
B - total height base plate

Z - The length of the cell
W - Cell width
D - Diameter of reinforcement
R - the number of horizontal rows of fittings
Если расчет арматуры вам не требуется, то оставьте это поле пустым.

The required amount of cement for the manufacture of one cubic meter of concrete different in each case.
It depends on the brand of cement, desirable brand received concrete, the size and proportions of the fillers.

M - How many bags of cement required for 1 cubic meter of concrete
K - weight of one bag of cement in kilograms

T - The thickness of the boards for formwork
H - The width of the board
L - Length of the board

Enter the cost of the materials in your area.

Do not forget to recalculate the prices of bulk materials at cost by weight, not volume.
One type of foundation is a monolithic melkozaglublennogo baseplate.
Normally, such a foundation is a monolithic concrete slab, which is located under the entire area of the house.
For the perception of no deformation stresses in the foundation plate necessarily apply spatial reinforcement throughout.
Their device requires a larger flow of concrete and reinforcement as compared with traditional foundations, and therefore more expensive.

That help calculate this program?

Volume of concrete to fill the plate.
Required amount of materials for making concrete - cement, sand, gravel.
The number of boards needed for the device casing.
Estimated cost of construction materials.
Reinforcement of the foundation slab depends on the geological conditions and design.

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