Calculating wallpaper for bathrooms

drawing scale 1:    

Specify dimensions in metres

Room sizes
Width Y
Length X
Height H
Perimeter P

X Length WX
Height WY

X Length DX
Height DY

Roll length L
Roll width W
Redo picture R
Stock up on alignment Z

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Wallpaper calculator given Windows and doors

Select the required dimensions in metres

X - Room length
Y - Width
H - Height
WX - Window width
WY - Window height
DX - Door width
DY - Door height
L - length of a roll of wallpaper
W - Roll width
R - Redo picture (RapPort)
Z - Stock up on alignment
F - move picture wallpaper

Features of the program.

The number of wallpaper for pasting of rooms.
Definition of square walls in view of doors and Windows.
Calculate perimeter of a premise.

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