Calculation of straight stairs from concrete

drawing scale 1:

Specify dimensions in millimetres

Number of steps C

The height of the stairs Y
Length of ladder X
Width of stairs W
Platform length A
Thickness pad B

Extra thickness Z
Tread Overhang F
The thickness of the treads G
Diameter of reinforcement D
Pieces of armature on the stage K

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Help on calculating a straight ladder from concrete

In the calculation, you can choose two types of construction stages.
ladder ladder

Monolithic concrete stairs size designation

Dimensions are in millimeters.

X - Length of ladder
Y - The height of the stairs
W - Width of stairs.
A - Platform length. If the design of your ladder does not provide for the playground, set the length of the platforms = 0.
В - The thickness of the pad.
Z - Extra thickness. Only in the classic type of staircase.
F - Guide levels.
G - Thickness of the step. In the classical style ladder is used as the thickness of the overhang F.


Reinforcement monolithic stairs.
Rebar is typically used only in type 1 monolithic stairs.
However, all depends on your project.

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