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Pursuing the construction of a frame house I am constantly faced with the calculations of the number of building materials and dimensioning of a part design.

Cutting board, timber or other timber for construction - as required for walls or floors?

Heaters also require a constant calculation. Will this mineral wool, foam or other insulation. As I've written, my house frame construction and insulation materials I use for insulation, not only the floor and roof, and walls.

Roofing - another story. The roof of my house complex shapes, and calculate the amount of metal shingles or other roofing materials is difficult. And still need to take into account waste in roofing. So it is a house for several years with a roof of roofing material.

The next season will be lining the walls. Also considered himself siding, vapor barrier ...

A person familiar with the school algebra course, these Calculations will not be difficult. Get a sheet of paper and a calculator, remember the formula, check out a couple of times ... Also check out ... To make the calculations are not error crept fraught with unnecessary costs. Transport, if we have something to buy more, or vice versa on too much, easy to use is not very good and so on.

So was born the idea to pass these routine calculations on the shoulders of the programs that everyone will consider and draw a blueprint.
And most importantly - do not make mistakes! Because the cost of failure is too high during the construction.
I hope that my service will help those who are building a house with his hands and engineers-builders.

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