Analysis of rectangular greenhouses

drawing scale 1:

Specify dimensions in millimetres

Width X
Length Z
Height Y
Height of the walls H

Sections on façade A

Cells in the roof sections B
Sections of the roof C

Cells in the sections of walls D
Partition walls E

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Расчет прямоугольной теплицы

Greenhouse Specify dimensions in millimetres

X - the width of the greenhouses
Z - the length of the greenhouse
Y - total height
H - Height of the walls

Calculation of greenhouses

A - the number of partitions on a facade

B - the number of cells in the roof sections
C - number of sections of the roof

D - the number of cells in the sections of walls
E - the number of partitions walls

Changing the number of sections and cells in them, we select the optimum size.
Cell sizes will be calculated automatically.
All dimensions are shown in the drawing, the greenhouses.

The program is designed to calculate the materials required for the construction of greenhouses.
As a result of the calculation can be found in area and volume of greenhouses, its size, number of glazing materials for perimeter frame for the Foundation.

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